Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are most commonly asked, we hope you find your answer.
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The fee is for the hire of the venue only.  Locko Park does not provide any wedding or party packages.

We have a list of  recommended suppliers, these are companies we have worked with in the past, and are recommended purely on past performance.

The area of parkland will accommodate just about any size of marquee you may require and decide to hire.

We do not provide packages.

As you would be responsible for the supply of the marquee you are at liberty to use any supplier you prefer, however we do list some on our Recommended Supplier sheet

Only dinner parties/small receptions are permitted in the Hall.

Yes you may, in fact we we have a list of recommended suppliers below.

All of these companies have been used by previous Locko Park customers, none have been paid to be listed here.

There is ample space for as many vehicles as is required

Yes, provided you use an authorised fireworks company.

We have no overnight-stay facilities.

Use of the Park

(a) Weddings

Locko Hall lies in its own parkland setting with views looking across the lake and the area of the front park is fairly extensive, so there is plenty of room for any size marquee you may require. Because only a limited number of events take place annually, each one can be tailored to your own specific requirements. The charges are for the hire of the venue only, as we do not offer any packages. We have found this arrangement ideally suits those of you who prefer to have complete autonomy over the way your day is organised. Please feel free to email the estate office with any enquiries.

(b) Corporate Events

The beautiful parkland setting is an idea venue for many types of events and in the past horse trials, country fairs and charity events have all be held at Locko Park with great success. Should you be looking for a venue for a large number of people this area is perfect. Each event is tailored to suit individual requirements, therefore pricing will vary. Please contact us if you would like to discuss cost